Taxi Service and Rates

C&H Taxi operates 24 / 7 / 365
Flag Drop:                          $2.43 for the first 3/10th Mile
Additional Mileage:            .21 Cents per 1/10th Mile
Wait Time:                         .35 Cents per Minute
This comes out to $3.90 for the first mile and $2.10 for each additional mile.

Flag Drop
This is the initial rate the meter should read when you get in a C&H Taxi.
This rate covers the first 3/10th of a mile.
Additional Mileage Ė This is the rate it cost to go 1/10th of a mile.

Wait Time
This is the rate for every minute a cab driver waits on a passenger.
The following is a list of times when wait time may be utilized by a driver:
1. If a driver must wait a while for a passenger to come out to the cab.
2. If a driver must wait a while for a passenger to load or unload items from the cab.
3. If a passenger asks a driver to stop somewhere and wait on them. Examples may
include but are not limited to grocery store, friendís house, laundromat, restaurant,
or a passengerís own house if the driver must wait for them to go in and get money to pay for the fare.

Although the best cab drivers usually donít run wait time on numbers 1 and 2 please remember a cab driverís time is money. If they have to wait a while on a passenger to come out to the cab, load or unload items, etcÖ then the driver will do less trips during their shift and make less money. Also keep in mind if drivers are doing less trips then the public may wait longer on cabs to pick them up.

Some quick tips to save some money and get better service!
If passengers go right out to the cab when it arrives, load or unload any items quickly, and have accurate payment ready for the fare then most of the time the passenger will not have to pay wait time and drivers will be able to service the public faster by doing more trips.

We always recommend to passengers to tell the cab driver which way they would like to go to get to their destination. This way there is less likely to be any confusion.